Our Vision for our learners while they are at Tough School is that they

‘Learn Well, Make Friends & Have Fun!’













We have some new friends to help us learn about the Wellbeing Indicators here at Tough School! They are happy in their new home in our Zen Den!
#wellbeingindicators @GIRFECAbshire


P5-7 had a brilliant time learning in the forest today! They discussed all of the ways that maths was used throughout the different activities.😊 #MathsWeekScotland #forestschool @mathsweekscot #outdoorlearning


Our P5-7 pupils created Maths Learning Walks in our playground and then worked with the P1-4 pupils to investigate and find the answers! Lots of counting, shape spotting, measuring and timing happening! 😃 @mathsweekscot #outdoorlearning #MathsWeekScotland


Our P1-4 class set up and used their wee shop in the classroom. Lots of money and sorting learning going on! 😊 @mathsweekscot

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